Sword Arts

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of sword style is taught?

We are not a sword training group so we don't necessarily teach any sword styles. For people that have no sword training at all we show them some sword engagement basics, which has some rooting in medieval sword fighting because the medieval short sword is what we start them with. We encourage and refer members to other groups to get formal training if they want to improve in any particular style.


How are the meetings run?

Each meeting is like a mini event and the progression of the meeting generally depends on who is present. The meetings start off with some open warm up time while people show up. Then announcements are made followed by a short introduction to a topic. The rest of the meeting is run through a series of multiple activities depending on the number of participants and equipment available. We generally do training games as an overall warm up then move on to doing matches, small training exercises, and mini-games. Towards the end we usually play a grand game that includes almost all present. A meeting conclusion soon follows.


Does it cost to come to the meetings?

No. This is a college campus club that is free and open to all adults.


Are there any requirements for coming to the meetings?

Yes. You must be 18 years of age and sign the liability waivers. 


Do I have to bring anything to the meetings?

Yes. You must bring your good attitude and your willingness to grow by learning whatever you can from where ever possible.


I have my own practice swords. Can I bring them? 

No. Not unless they are latex-foam weapons or the swords in question are approved by the head coach for a specified reason.


I have no sword training. Do I get to learn how to use a sword?

Yes. If not the coach then someone will be there to show some sword engagement basics. Keep in mind that the engagement basics are taught to give everyone a starting point in the use of a sword. All though they can be greatly expanded on, they are no substitute for formal training. 


I have some sword training. Do I still have to learn the basics?

You do not have to learn these basics however you do have to meet with the coach along with everyone who comes into the meeting for the first time. We do not want to overtake whatever training you have had in the past. We show everyone the initial basics so those without training have some skills to battle with and those with training see where their skills apply. Due to the open nature of the group there are many different styles, types, and forms of swordsmanship and melee weapon use present. We try to help people adjust to how different forms of swordsmanship match up. Most are unprepared for the diversity of these matches.

Is there a fee for joining the club?

No. There is no fee for joining the club, however the club does have its own process for accepting people as official members.


I have more questions, so who can I contact?

If you have more question, concerns, issues, ideas, etc.. then you can send us an email:   smwwbe@yahoo.com 

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