Sword Arts

Organization Rules

  1. All participants must be respectful of themselves, others, property, and authority.
  2. No horseplay
    • No hitting/poking people or things outside of battles.
    • No brutality.
    • Don't swing swords or other martial tools randomly.
  3. Conduct yourself in a sportsman like manner.
  4. During all games follow the in game rules.
  5. Only Sword Arts sanctioned, professionally made foam tools will be used for meetings, activities, and events.   
  6. Understand we are a recreation organization. Not a gang, cult, fraternity, etc..
  7. If you are confused about anything: JUST ASK US!
  8. Follow the University Rules Of Conduct.
  9. Participants must be 18 years or older.

News (June 2021)

  • Website Changes Pending

  • Meeting Updates Pending