Sword Arts


Sword Arts is mainly sword focused, and for the time being the only weapons approved for use in matches, games, and activities, are foam weapons that are professional made or bought. Latex-foam weapons are what is mainly used in the majority of activities. Make-shift weapons (weapons people made themselves) are not allowed to be used in matches and training games unless given approval. All martial tools must be approved by the head coach for use in any activity. 


Under the University's Rules - Steel and Hard Wood Weapons are not allowed.

No one is allowed to bring a steel or hard wood sword, weapon, or training tool unless asked by the head coach with the approval of the Dallas Police Force, the consent of University Student Organization Office, and the knowledge of the Dean of the Student Union. The Dallas Police Force pays frequent visits to Sword Arts and the school is very adamant about people on campus with anything that appears to be a potentially harmful weapon. They will confiscate steel weapons and remove people from the premises.

Personal Swords

For the majority of activities latex-foam weapons are used. These type of weapons are generally found in Live Action Role Play (LARP). Below are some recommended sites for people to acquire their own. 

http://www.latex-weaponry.com      (Local)



http://www.eldritch.com      {uses pounds}

http://www.ateliers-nemesis.com      [pricy but detailed]


http://www.dein-larp-shop.de   {uses EUR}    

http://www.ars-sica.com     {uses EUR}    

http://www.maskworld.com    {uses EUR}   

http://www.palnatoke.com      {uses EUR}    

News (June 2021)

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